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2018 - 17 - Quadoban 2
4th September 2018  

Those blocks need shifting.
Get back to work.


The Brief

A very simple rehash of the original. Nothing much has changed, except for a subtle rescaling of the level's dimensions. (For reference, the previous game was 25x15, whilst this one's 25x20! oooooh!!!)

The level generator's been reworked and the graphics now use their iOS counterparts so are slightly lighter and less garish than in the original.
But otherwise, this is the same game that it used to be.

You can Download Quadoban2 here


- Move
- Undo
- Skip a level if you've already completed it

How Not to Lose

You shouldn't be able to die. If you do walk into some spikes, hit Undo!

What I Didn't Do

Anything new!!

You can Download Quadoban2 here

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New games every week!
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