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Finally Menu-like!
6th September 2018  

This has been one heck of a long journey!!


I still haven't 100% decided on the best way to load all the data that the menu needs, but for the most part, it is at least functioning.
You can select a pack, and it'll then play through the 4 levels, giving you a little lit-up square for each level you manage to beat.

In Story (still not sure it's having a story!) mode, it'll do the typical grid-unlock that regulars will be familiar with. In "My Levels" and "Online Levels", all the level packs will be unlocked. .. because it doesn't make sense to lock them up!

I guess I now need to start worrying about how to store internal levels. I originally wanted to just plonk the data into the sourcecode, but recently doing Quadoban2 has taught me that doing that will no doubt crash the 3DS.
If I add compression to the data, I could easily shrink the amount down, but for the sake of speed of data access, I've already chosen not to use any compression in the external files. (so I can easily jump to "x" level at "x*levelbytes" in the file)

Hmm.. What to do..?

To be honest, it's all a bit of a moot point right now, as I still need to MAKE those 100 levels, as well as decide on whether I'm really going to add a storyline to a JNKPlat game!!

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