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Planning Levels
7th September 2018  
At some point, I need to start making some actual levels for the game.


I've never been that great at making levels, but over the years of many JNKPlat titles, I've learned what does and doesn't work in them.
For the most part, little "one push" levels will be avoided, and I'll try to make each level it's own little adventure.
With 100 level slots to fill, that's a heck of a lot of level planning that I'll need to do.

I've got about 20 or so tile slots free, so if I find myself needing any kind of new elements, those can be added as I go, but for the most part this will be me sitting in front of the editor, attempting to make as many fun levels as I can.

I could probably do with having some sort of "Start me off" button, which generates a simplistic level of its own, within the confines of the editor.
I think that might be a fun thing to attempt, and I don't think I've ever tried to do such a thing in a JNKPlat title, before.
Additionally, I need to look into ways to colour-code the keys and gates in the game. I think I might end up just having "Red, Green, Blue" available in the editor, though. Keep it simple, even if that does end up requiring three of each object.


More to come!!

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