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Ready for Adding Levels
8th September 2018  
The level select menu is almost up to a usable state.


Levels get stored on the file in packs, the packs are selectable, the engine loads the packs from the file, the editor lets you edit them and save them, and you can now even create new levels, too.
Everything appears to be flowing well enough that I can start building some levels for the actual game.

The thing that isn't quite working, however, is the online component.
Right now, the online level select only works for 19,000 level packs.
There's a hard limit due to the way I've stored the save data.
I need to see about fixing that up. I know that 19,000 level packs is probably more than enough, (my games barely get played!) but it'd be nice to know it could go a little bit higher than that.

I might look into byte-crunching some of the scores, to try to get a little more data out of the standard scoreboard that I have. That's probably the best way to do it.

As well as that, I still have a handful of classic tiles to implement into the game, as well as fixing the curious "wiggle" that happens when holding onto a wall-grip!

But.. Yep.. Definitely getting closer!!

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