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Linux Fix
30th May 2011  
It wasn't my games.
o/ hurray o/


The Fix

Having had a bizarre "No Audio" issue in my Linux games, I'd given up even attempting to compile them for quite a while.
In all, there were 9 AGameAWeek games which didn't include Linux counterparts.
Well, Finally, the case is closed.

@thewizardslair has found the fix, and the fix was as simple as installing a little thing in Ubuntu!

1. Open "Synaptic Package Manager" (in the System Settings thingum, or hunt the system, it'll be in there somewhere!)
2. Search for libopenal

You want to install libopenal1 and libopenal-dev
With those two items installed, all my games should be nice and noisy again.

If not, @thewizardslair additionally suggests you install libjack0 and libjack-dev, but I didn't appear to need those. *shrugs* Even slightly different Ubuntu installations have annoying complications!

The Games

Evasive Action

Guide the ever growing snake around the garden, to eat all the luvly stuffs.


Destroy the evil flying blob with your equally evil flying blob.

Fantasy Center

Grab all the coins, avoid all the death!

Horizontal Shooter -=Gen4=-

Swoosh around, shooting all the deadly triangles!

Mr Swing

Use only Left and Right to swing around, trying to grab all the big orbs.


Destroy the asteroids... somehow...!

Matrix Blaster

Eliminate all the red evil dodgy code, before it reaches the bottom of the screen.

Mister Smash

Reach the bottom of the level without running out of Smashes!

Word Trundle

It's a WordSearch!!!

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