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Side Projects
  10th September, 2018
As well as JNKPlat, I've the following few projects going on in the background.


1. Daily Puzzles
I really like the idea of a daily puzzle magazine style thing, which would be a little printed booklet full of minor puzzles and the like.
I've barely started work on this, but it's definitely something I'd like to get up and running.

2. JNK Titler v2
Embossing, bevelling, extruding and other visual doohickies were all planned from the start, but I just haven't had the time to get working on them.

3. Web-App version of Pixelart to STL
@nchan enquired in a very teensy tiny line of dialogue, and my mind instantly went "Oh, yeah, probably should do that, then.."
I'm struggling to get a 3D visual on a browser. I might skip that bit, and just make it do everything in 2D.

4. Mac/iOS -> Metal
I got one step further in this, yesterday.
But one single step is not enough, and I've still not managed to open a bloomin' window on the Mac, yet!
This is very very difficult!!!

5. More Dislike
But the dislike might as well wait until I've got a way to export it to iOS.

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