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12th September 2018
The name "Foldapuz" is now permanent, and a lovely logo has been designed.[/highlight] the apparent name for the foldable booklet of puzzles.

Today I need to decide if I'm going to continue to work on FoldAPuz, or take the time to work on more JNKPlat levels.
Or, perhaps I should work on both of them!?!


The puzzles available so far in FoldAPuz include both Countdown games (words and numbers) as well as a crossword style thing, the Letter Lattice wordsearch, and a Pixelarf style scrawl that you can finish off.

I started work on a maze thing, but I really need to look into a better maze generation method, as it's currently a fairly simplistic maze.

Meanwhile, the .com, Twitter and Facebook things have all been "grabbed", but are mostly unused with the .com still pointing to GoDaddy's "Parked" page.

In addition, Mum's had an attempt at her first little booklet. She found it far too hard, though, so I'm definitely going to have to add much more variety, with a few simpler puzzles.

Right, focus. Back to Plat!
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