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15th September 2018  

Although this screen hasn't changed much, since your last look at it, there is at least one all important new addition.


The level icon is on the bottom right, and displays a mini-map of the first level from the pack.
I've opted to make it only show the first level, so you can add little surprised further into the pack.

I was quite surprised that I could get the 3DS to draw the tiny map, in realtime, but it doesn't seem to be struggling at all. Which is nice!!

So far, there are 32 levels in the game, but the earlier levels are feeling extremely barren and tiny, looking back, as can be seen in the minimap.. The currently selected level is one of the tutorials. In fact, it's the very first level in the game, right now.

Even so, it's still a little bit "too" basic. JNKPlatDS08 had a lovely first level that taught you quite a bit, whilst this version currently has a bunch of little level, spreading the tutorial out a bit.
As a result, I think I'll probably scrap quite a few of the early levels and replace them with newer, larger, but still tutorial-like levels.
Bigger is better, right!?

I could also do with having a "Press [button] to [something]" display, but given how hard it's been to find those buttons in the first place, it may not be easy to explain, onscreen!!!

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