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19th September 2018  

Carrying on through my current flu symptoms, and I managed to get the last remaining "classic" tiles working in JNKPlat.
Those lovely exploding tiles, and pushable TNT block, along with the keys and gates, and an inventory for them, too.


Near enough every block that has ever appeared in a previous JNKPlat, except for the following few.

1. Teleporters, because I'm not sure how to make those work with limited numbers of tiles. The obvious way would be "it jumps between all available doors, one at a time", but I've never liked how random that feels.
I prefer to have teleporters that directly link to each other, but with a limited level file format, that's not easy to achieve.

2. Balloons, because..? I'm not sure, I just didn't think I needed them, but with all these leftover tile slots, I might just pop them back in again.

3. Water... I'm still not happy with a lot of the elements that come from having Water in the game. Plus, I'd need a bunch more tiles to allow for underwater collectables and enemy and the like.
If I do add this, it'll probably be the last item I add.

4. Bat Repellent.. Which I'm thinking might work better if I specified it as a Shield, instead! Seems more logical, and would work in many more places.

But other than those 3, I *think* I've added every single tile from every previous JNKPlat game.
Today I'm going to be playing through the various old games, to see if there's anything I've missed, and then get thinking about new ideas.



Level Count : Still 36. I didn't make any new levels, yesterday. Everything I did test was all confined into a single test level, and the test level's a little too "testy" to be a proper level.

Perhaps I should add a "Jay's Test Levels" as a bonus level pack?

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