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JNKPlat 2018 - The Unfinished Beta
2nd October 2018  

We start things off with "The Unfinished Beta"

At this point, I've been working on JNKPlat 2018 for about a month. The whole of September (except for the week when I had flu, and it completely floored me) has been spent recreating the wonderful world of JNKPlat.

The game runs well enough on 3DS and PC alike, and is currently up to a decent enough state that I've opted to release the current version as a "demo" of sorts.

You can Download the game here for Windows or 3DS.



Much like the game is incomplete, there's also an incomplete level editor. Click into the editor menu, hit the edit button, edit, playtest, save.. It should (*should) all work as you'd expect it to, and if you run into any issues, please be sure to ask.
Level sharing is currently not really ideal, and involves hacking the saved level file in weird ways. Not recommended. The final game will have a much more usable share method.

I'm not going to add any further into how the editor works, because I want YOU to let me know whether it's obvious enough or not.
If it isn't, then it's something I need to tweak for the future release. So.. Please discuss how well I've designed it!!

Puzzle Platformer

Please be aware that JNKPlat is more Puzzle game than Platform game. There will be a few occasions when you consider things in the game to be "wrong", because you're expecting them to behave in the style of a Platform game.
JNKPlat is a Puzzle game first and foremost.


Bit of a detour from the norm.
For this release, please try to use WASD + J/K/L
In the default configuration, J and L jump left and right, and the middle K button lets you grab things.
This is the most ideal setup for the controls.
.. Unless you have a gamepad!

Two Button Jump

You can turn this off in the main menu. The toggle is on the top-left.
It is recommended to play JNKPlat with two jump buttons.
The game is .. Harder.. with only one jump button, and I haven't implemented everything properly due to it requiring more than a little guess-work as to what the player's actually trying to do.
Hopefully when you start playing the game, you'll understand that a little better.

What I Haven't Done

About 5 minutes ago, I realised I'd forgotten to add a life-count onscreen. D'oh!!
You have 3 lives.. Feel free to count them as you go!

You can Download the game here for Windows or 3DS.

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