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Player Thoughts - JNKPlat2018 Beta
2nd October 2018  
Each time I release a game, an huge influx of feedback comes my way from all over the web!

Let's see what people thought of JNKPlat 2018!

You can Download JNKPlat2018 Beta here.


Played the tutorial levels. Couldn't complete the navigation level 4 (I am not fast enough to get down and get up on the bar) and dangerous creatures level 2 (always got killed by the flying creature).


I might have to slightly tweak the plunger timings for the Desktop version of the game. I think they're showing up slightly different to the 3DS version, giving you a teensy bit less time.
Navigation 4 is a VERY timing specific level, and although I can "just about" manage to do it, it certainly takes a bit of practice with the two-button jump to get up to speed.
If you're using just one-button, this is probably one of those levels where it becomes obvious that two-button jumping has its advantages!!

As for the Bat on Dangerous Creatures Level Two, yes, it's a bit of a git. The Bats in JNKPlat have always (since the very first one) been somewhat erratic and deadly.
But there IS a way to avoid them, repeatedly, if you can find the knack.
It takes a whole lot of timing, and a teensy bit of luck, but it is do-able.
The bats might do with a teensy bit of slowdown, too, but their erratic behaviour is one of very few randomised elements in a JNKPlat game, and I'd like them to stay that way.

The tutorial methodology looks good.

I'm glad that the tutorials seem to have been enjoyed and understood. As you know, I tend to avoid "wordy" when it comes to tutorials, so it was hard to decide just what clues to present to the player.

In the level editor I was able to create my own levels . I have 2 questions.
1. how to get out of the editor screen.

Escape works the same as it does ingame. I might add a menu button for that, though, to make it easier.
Also, I've noticed tonight that hitting Escape from the level select seems to quit completely, instead of going back to the main menu.
Must remember to fix that...

2. What is the last icon in the top right mean.

The very rightmost button in the level editor is currently inactive, but will toggle between the various ingame level skins.
They're not much, but they're enough to add a little variety to the game.

As you can see, the variety's not currently all that great, and I definitely need to be a little more imaginative, and a teensy bit less blue!!!
If you'd like to design a skin, it's a very very simple task, and you can find out more information in this Socoder post, here.

Since I haven't yet started using the themes ingame, I didn't bother to add them to the editor.
There's still plenty of unused blocks in the editor, though, but you should also note that there are empty slots for yet more blocks.
I need to add some of those, next!!

I tried out the JNKPlat 2018 Beta. Wanted you to know that everything is working for me. Really love the new version. Some of the levels are pretty cool.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Michael via email

My only complaint is that I wish you could continue on the level you died at when selecting a pack. A few times I made it to the fourth level in the pack and died. Then I had to replay the other three. It's not a big deal since there are only four in the pack and doing it another time is easier since I knew what to do. Still it would be nice if you didn't have to start at the beginning all the time.

Probably not going to happen.
Four levels is enough of a challenge to make you replay a pack, but understand that you don't actually NEED to do so.
Reaching level 3 of a level pack will unlock all adjacent level packs in the menu, so earning a complete set of 4 for all packs is going to be the only real challenge that I can set.
Also, note that the unlocking mechanic will only exist in the main game, not in the editor levels, nor the downloaded level packs.
'cos that's a bit unfair!!


Thanks to all who've played, so far, and I hope you've enjoyed what there is in the unfinished beta.
More to come!!
... Once I've finished it!

You can Download JNKPlat 2018 Beta here.

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