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Puzzling Day
  4th October, 2018
I spent most of yesterday working on the Foldapuz site.


First up was switching the way the cache works, so it all goes a little bit faster. If you're a regular puzzler, you should notice the difference, as it's quite significant.

readfile(); is a handy command in PHP, and very quickly redirects the contents of the file to the output. Much faster than my previous method of having to load the old png file and re-output it.

Next up, I added a Battleships game. A selection of ships are placed around the grid, and you need to find them all.
The game was suggested a month ago, by Dabz on the Socoder forum, but I've only just got around to adding it.
Lazy Jay!

Today I need to look into doing some new JNKPlat levels, and trying to keep the entertainment value up through the various packs.
I could also do with looking into the themes to make things a bit more varied, but without resorting to horrifically garish colourschemes!

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