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All the Little Things
  6th October, 2018
Yesterday was mostly spent adding little tweaks and tiny elements to JNKPlat.


Although nothing major was changed in the actual game itself, a number of things were altered around the menu and editor.
I also tweaked the speed of the plungers when played on Desktops, since people seem to agree that it's a teensy bit too fast on there.
I mustn't have got all my timings right between the Desktop and 3DS editions.

I also need to double check that things don't become super-easy when playing at a slower framerate. Ideally they should all play the same, but. It's complicated!!

I haven't added too many new levels, yet, and that's something that definitely needs to be done, so I think today I should probably just focus on doing that. A whole load of new levels, ready for the main game.

There are currently 11 level packs, and I'm aiming for 25, so I'm not even halfway there yet!!

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