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Mario Party's So Slow
  7th October, 2018
An hour per game, during which you get to play 10 minigames, and roll a dice 10 times..


For a single-player, it's slow and it's dull, and as much as I enjoy the thrill of the minigames, it probably isn't worth all the boring bits inbetween.

I certainly understand the thrill of the game when you've got others around, and are all enjoying it together.
But it's no single-player experience.
Good grief, was it dull!

This is one of the reasons that, although I'd really love to make a big Monopoly style videogame, I've never actually tackled it.
The sheer dullness that occurs when you strip away Other People from a board game isn't something that I've yet managed to figure out.

But it's certainly something I need to deal with.
A few years ago I had a wonderful idea for a Monopoly-esque game, and then there's the "Not Cluedo, Honest" game from a few years back, too.
Each game felt like they would be great to play, but ultimately got left behind when the single-player experience wasn't fun in the slightest.

I'm not sure which way to go, but I certainly would like to reattempt a couple of those ideas.

.. Some day..
.... Maybe.

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