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8th October 2018  
Spent most of this morning working on Delta Timings..


In the interest of keeping all versions the same, and all running at more or less the same speed, I've opted to have delta timings either be "fast or slow", as opposed to the usual analogue timings.
If you're running under about 40 fps, it'll speed everything up to twice the speed, resulting in the game then feeling roughly the speed it should, instead of one that's running slowly.

Level wise, I've still got 9 more level packs to build to reach the intended 100 levels, and I also need to start working on the different skins for the game. Neatening them up a little, and adding a bit more variety to the current selections.

I also need to add a few new tiles. Nothing's been added since the beta edition, and my mind's gone completely blank!!
I was hoping that, whilst building levels, I might come up with ideas for tiles that I need, but.. Nothing, so far.

But.. Yeah, otherwise things are coming along nicely!

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