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Whittling Down
24th October 2018  
JNKPlat 2018 - Todo List
The whole Online kit and kaboodle [60%]
More Tiles [70%]
More Levels [85%]
Main Mode Complete/Credits [25%]


The JNKPlat Todo-List is getting smaller and smaller. I spent most of today tweaking lots of little minor, but somewhat important, bits and pieces.
The level select menu now has a back button!!
The editor has an Exit button.
The editor loads in a centered location instead of top-left.

A whole bunch of little niggling issues that I hadn't previously tackled.
The "Platdude wiggles when holding onto a hook" is still in place, though. It amuses me

I think I've now pretty much fixed every major complaint that folk had with the beta editor. Whether the new jump threshold is enough will need to be seen, but otherwise I'm fairly happy with things.

But I still have those last few things to deal with.


Still so much to do.

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