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31st October 2018  
Spooky goings on at Foldapuz!!

I hope you all have a wonderfully sinister Halloween.


I spent most of last night rejigging my word-list functionality so that today would only make use of a list of Spooooooky words.
It seems to have more or less worked out, but there's a fair amount of repetition since the Spoooooooky wordlist isn't all that big!

But it did at least work, and in the future I can make use of the new functionality for specific occasions.

As well as that, I attempted a 3DS compile of JNKPlat, only to realise that something's gone slightly awry somewhere in the memory.
It's not "too" big of an issue, and shouldn't be hard to repair, but none of the menu's icons are showing up, so the entire game is unplayable..
.. Bugger!!

Still, another couple of level packs are done, and I've only got about 6 more packs to do before the whole 25-pack, 100-level main game is complete.


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New games every week!
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