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Edging Closer
  3rd November, 2018
Another set of levels, a few more background tweaks, and a bunch more fixes to the image loading.

JNKPlat2018 is a little bit closer, today.


I have 4 more level packs to create, and then I need to shuffle them about to make them into some kind of progression.
The unlocking mechanism means that most level packs will be unlockable in a varied order, so there's no point in trying to have levels be progressively harder in a linear fashion. As such, I've taken to my usual "as long as they feel like they're getting harder, to me, then that'll do" methods.

In addition, most people will likely complain that "The last level in a pack isn't always the hardest."
This is something that I've struggled with for quite some time, but I've decided that the best way to do it is to have the next-to-last level as the hardest, then have the final level be sort of a reward level.
Occasionally you might even find that the first level in a pack is infinitely harder than the other three levels, simply because I felt that the first level is difficult enough.
The "Great Escape" level pack is definitely an example of that.
With the life system in place, it'd be incredibly frustrating to have to get through a really long and difficult level like Great Escape, only to die on an even harder level and have to restart.

There's an awful lot of planning that has to go into deciding the sets of levels which go together, and the order in which they come. I do still expect people to complain about the lack of difficulty progression, but much like complaints about two-button-jumping and holding the hold button, these are things I've simply come to expect with each JNKPlat release!

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