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4th November 2018  
Spent most of today figuring out the best way to organise all my home photos.


Mum's iPad's been complaining recently about space, so I hooked it up to the PC and drag'n'dropped over 1,500 photos that had been gathering on her device.

I also did the same with her iPhone and did a massive backup of both devices whilst they were hooked up to the PC.


iOS -> Windows Tip

Turn on the iPhone/iPad, (as in, unlock it) and THEN connect it to your computer. This will unlock access to the Photos as a drive on your computer, which you can then open up and Cut'n'Paste all the photos to your backup storage, thus freeing up oodles of space in one quick step, albeit still fairly slow at doing it..
Frankly, anything that helps avoid using bloody iTunes is a good thing.


So, several hours later and all the photos were uploaded to the NAS drive, but I then needed to find a simple way to let her go through and view the old photos should she need to.
Thankfully, my NAS is a Synology DiskStation, and would you believe it, they've already got an App for That!
The Synology DS Photo app is available on the iOS (and Android I think?) store, and lets you quickly and easily browse through your photos when placed into a specifically uploaded gallery.
.. Which, of course, is NOT where I'd already uploaded them all.
.. You can probably guess where the rest of my day went.

I sat watching this week's Doctor Who whilst is reuploaded over 1,500 photos using a painfully slow browser-based dialogue, and now have to wait for it to generate all the thumbnails and other such gubbins.

It now states that it's "converting" a bunch of photos and videos. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but if it buggers up any of my videos I'm going to be well and truly ticked off.
According to this page videos are indeed compressed, whilst images are left alone but with separate thumbnails generated. Hmmm..
Not sure I trust the sound of that.. I'll be double checking all my important videos later.
Of all the videos which might be affected by compression, the ALChoon videos are bloomin' huge, and at an insanely high bitrate. Any compression will definitely be noticeable, there.

I'm now going to leave the drive doing its thing overnight, and hopefully by the morning I should have a nice working gallery for the household.
As to whether I'll open it up to the web in general, depends on how fast and capable the little NAS drive is.
If I'm honest, it's probably better if I just continue to upload interesting family photos to Facebook or something like that. After all, they can be liked and tagged and commented on there better than being stuck on my private NAS.

And for those who clicked the title because they wanted actual photos...

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