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And Down...
  7th November, 2018
The online JNKPlat Level site now seems to be function "enough", with the download functions all working properly.


For now it's simply an upload/download page. There's no gallery, there's no list of popular levels, it's just a simple "upload/download" page.

But at least it's working.

The all-important "Download Level File" link seems to work well enough. I'm not sure it's 100% speedy, but if things start to grind to a halt, I'll add a cache to it.

Uploading is working, Moderating is working, Word-Filtering is mostly working but can be done by hand if need be.

All is golden!!

Next is to finish off my 100-levels before release, and then go through them all, shuffle the packs about into some kind of "order", and then maybe add some themes.

Oh yeah, and I need to properly redesign some of the themes.
But I'm finally getting close to the end of this project.

Two whole months.. Yikes!!

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