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Inching Closer
9th November 2018  
Those last few tweaks have taken up most of the day!


Got Platdude stuck in a small annoying corner of the level that he can't get out of?!
Suicide Button!! Hold down both jump buttons for about 3 seconds, and he'll suddenly die.

Having added that, I then tweaked a few timer based issues, and got everything else seemingly finished off.

I've uploaded all the original levels to the Level Storage Doohickey, simply so that they're available on there in the future.
I've also uploaded my original test levels to the Storage Doohickey, too.

I'm now midway through those final compiles, and.. Would you believe it.. XCode is currently updating, so that's about 2 hours that I'm unable to do anything.
*sigh* Typical.

You know, Apple, if the XCode Update didn't also include 16,000 versions of iOS for the Simulator and things, it might help speed up those bloomin' updates a bit..

Uploads will be later tonight. Laptop's battery is giving up.
Bah, humbug!

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