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*phew* What a Day!!
9th November 2018  
I've finally got the 3DS version working again!


Right at the start of this project, I double-checked that 100 levels of hardcoded level data would happily fit onto the 3DS without issue.
Today, that very thing is what was causing the memory-based crashing.


Seems that after all the game-coding, the poor little 3DS could no longer quite keep up with all of the date.

So, tonight I added a teensy bit of compression into the internally stored level data, and now it all seems to be working quite nicely.
So I compiled, bundled everything up, and then tested, and was quite happy, before realising I'd left the cheat in..


So I took out the cheat, deleted the test, compiled, bundled, tested..

All appeared fine, until I tried the Suicide Button, at which point I realised I'd mis-configured the Suicide Button on the 3DS version..

Delete, compile, bundle, test..

And then I noticed that, upon a fresh install, the very first level was wrong.
This one took a good hour or so to figure out, but it was down to the online component, grabbing the new level, and accidentally leaving that in memory when you start a main game level.

Delete, compile, bundle, test..

It's 11:30pm. I intended to launch this game this morning, but that is SO not happening!!
For now, it's all bundled and zipped and placed into my temp folder ready for uploads.
I'll give it a final play, tonight, and I'm fairly sure everything's working properly now.

Tomorrow morning, I'll once again try to figure out what's going on on the Mac, and either I solve that or I don't.
The game WILL be uploaded tomorrow.
I just need a sleep, first!

What a day!!!

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