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Tiredness Strikes!
  28th June, 2011
It's been an incredibly un-British warm weekend, here. I'm not sure why.
But the past couple of nights have been spent without hardly any sleep at all.
I think I've had about 5 or 6 hours in the space of 48 hours, and.
.. I'm now wide awake. Which is really quite annoying!


For most of today, I was tired.
I attempted to code AGameADay, but as I added line after line of code, my head started to nod away, and I eventually said "enough's enough. Time for a nap!"
.. An hour later and the cat was screaming at me to get up again.
So much for the nap.

Today's game was eventually finished after around 5 hours, with an approximate 4 hour gap inbetween where I had a short nap, ate a bit, kinda lounged about being lazy, and was yelling back at the cat.
The game turned out to be that horrible "Light Out" thing that I hate so much. *shrugs*

A tweeter has informed me that it's ok for a while, but that it gives him a headache after about 500 points!
Major Turn Off is a clicky game where you have to turn off the lights.
Get's quite tricky.

As stated above, today's been a LazyJay day, so I've not really accomplished anything else at all.
I attempted to do an AL track, but it kinda sucked a bit, so I gave up.

Nap time, methinks!

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