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14th November 2018
Rewrote game URLs from the original single-character limit, to a double-character version.[/highlight]
As I reached game #18 on Foldapuz, I realised that there's a very distinct possibility that I might yet manage to hit the current 62-game limit.


The URL for Foldapuz uses a single character for each game, so that you can define your own layout for the puzzle page.
Keeping to strict HTML-safe ascii characters, I figured I'd use A-Z, a-z and 0-9 for those characters.
That's 26+26+10 = 62 characters, and thus a 62 game limit.

When I started this journey, I was confident that 62 games would be far out of reach of my abilities, but given that I've managed to create 18 games in such a short timespan, it's probably not a bad idea to expand that... Just in case!

Yesterday I spent a good couple of hours switching to a two-character-per-puzzle ID.
It seemed like it shouldn't take that long to do, but it caused all manner of issues in the PHP script.
Where I'd previously held that Layout Value in a single string, easily shuffleable with the included "Shuffle Word" function, I now had to shift things about in a separate array.
The quick "default layout of the day" had to also be moved to this new PairID system, and then the javascript for the user's page, too, needed a reworking.

After all was finished, the only real difference that players will see is that the URLs have gotten a little bit longer.
But it now means that the script can handle a whopping 62x62 different puzzles. (3844!)

It'll be a bloomin' miracle if I can reach even 1% of that figure, but it's good to know that, if I do, I can continue to code more games without fear of hitting a self-imposed limit.

Now I just need another 3,800 game ideas!
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