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15th November 2018
Starting work on a browser edition of Foldapuz.
I spent a fair amount of time, yesterday, working on a new feature for Foldapuz.


Doodling directly onto your favourite chosen single-puzzles on a webpage!!


This is proving a lot more complicated than I thought*.

1. First, it plain isn't working on Android. I'm not sure why that might be, but that's probably going to be the thing I'm figuring out, today.

2. I'm really not sure how to store all the image data. In memory it's just a great big array, but .. Can I save all that as a cookie?!
Doesn't seem all that do-able. I'll have to experiment.

3. I need to reshuffle the drawing functions so that Erase can happen properly.

4. Undo also needs to be added. Hmmm..

5. It'd be great to have a set of GUI icons on the screen, but on iOS I'm relying on the browser's zoom and scroll to move around the image.
Although that works (kinda, but glitchy) it also moves any GUI elements out of the screen. As such, I think I'm going to have to (OMG!) code my own zooming and scrolling code..

So.. Lots of issues, and lots to fix, and lots to think about.

Oh, the fun..

*Actually, it was going fairly smoothly until I tried it on Android!!
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