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16th November 2018
Work on the Browser Playable edition continues.[/highlight]
I've spent the past couple of days trying to get a doodle-box working, which users can then use to scribble over selected Foldapuz puzzles, on their mobile devices.


Everything is being done in the browser, since that seems the most simplest way to do it. So far, I've got about 50% done.
The colours are selectable, the erase brush works, the undo seems to function well enough (but won't undo the erase brush!) and the zooming is working, more or less, too.

Today I need to add scrolling into the mix, which I'm somewhat dreading as it means I need to figure out where the center of the pinch-zoom is, and work out where that is in relation to the new scaled zoom so that everything stays roughly where you expect it to!

.. And obviously there's no pinch-zoom on the PC side of things, so I also need to add keyboard controls for that, too.

And for some reason, when trying it on the iPhone, the bottom of the screen gets cut off.
I'm not 100% sure why that is, and will need to double check all my scaling maths to be sure.

But at least it now seems to work ok on Android, which is a good thing.

If you'd like to try out the test version, you can play with it, here.
There's not yet any way to select different puzzles, though. That'll come soon enough!
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