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Player Thoughts - JNKPlat 2018 - Complete Blog
16th November 2018
As I release each game, folk from all over the web chip in with their thoughts.
Let's see what RSKGames thought of the new-improved complete edition of JNKPlat!

Warning : Spoilers ahead

You can Download JNKPlat 2018 here, or at GameJolt or on


Gameplay: After a few levels using one hand for WASD and another for JKL, I got used to the controls and it became easier and smoother to move and jump around with ease and speed. This is a puzzle platformer so more than speed, the precision of movement and jumps needs to be given importance by the players. Going full speed near the edge of the platforms will most certainly end up in falling to death in most of the levels. I found all the levels to be very well crafted with all the game objects having a role to play in completing the level. The first 20 levels gives a good tutorial introduction to most of the game objects that are used in other 80 levels.


I appreciate that there is no time limit to complete the levels so the player can take thier time and play the levels in a relaxed manner. Only a few levels test the players speed, precision and timing (Like Treacherous-Walkways-Level-4

while other levels tests the puzzle solving ability of the players. Each level pack's name give a clue about the kind of challenges the player will face in the level pack. When you start playing with the level editor you will come to realize that you can easily go overboard with creating complex levels with insane difficulty. Such over complex levels are not present in the level packs. All the levels are easy to cross once you figure out the puzzle.
I could not figure out only one level ("Back and forth" Level 3)
JNK helped me clear the level with his youtube video.

"Run-Spot-Run" level 4 has a unique slide mechanic which initially you'll think that cannot be used as there are bricks close by but then that is the path to the end point.

All the levels in "Bombing-Dude" has some interesting levels that require the player to think and blow up multiple pushable mines to destory the walls

Players cannot jump over pushable mines which makes the levels more interesting to solve.

The Bat enemy type has a very interesting behavior. The player needs some patience to figure out how it moves before making any move. The movement looks random but it has a lengthy pattern to figure out depending on where other game objects like the movable blocks are present. One other interesting game object is the arrow. It has a totally random timing for firing so it is difficult to predict and time your move. The player has to learn to jump the arrows to cross few levels.

There are no bonuses or pickups but after completing the each level pack the player is presented with either some form of pant or shirt. The write-up about the pants or shirt is very interesting read. There are 25 of such screens in the game after each level pack.

Graphics: The animation of Platdude game character's walking and jumping is very pleasing to watch. There are many levels that are artistically done. Regular AGAW players will be able to find Blockman in Lurking Level 2,

Spike from Spike dislike in "Moving Day" level 4

and JNK letters design in "End is Nigh" level 3.

"Confined" level 2 has a heart shape.

"Circulation" level 4 is done like a circular maze.

"The great Escape" level 2 has a boat design while the level 4 has a Hi Smily pattern.

Level 3 of "Means tested" also has a Boat design.

"Run-Spot-Run" level 1 has a dog design.

The final level pack "The end is nigh" has the Exit letter design in level 1 and
Game boy like design in level 4.

Great effort has also gone into making the credits memorable where the Platitude falls endlessly with a story waving through the top and then all the game objects falling down from the top.

View on YouTube

Music: All the background scores are peppy and have an unique tune common to them.

Wish list for future JNKPlat: A lift game object that can lift moving blocks up and down. The transporter should be able to transport any other movable game object. Movable jumps.

Overall an Epic puzzle platformer game along with its own level editor that is enjoyable and fun done only in 2 months. I know other puzzle platformers that were years in making.
The level editor gives infinite possibilities of levels. The level editor will need its own review at a later point of time.

Thanks for the wonderfully lengthy review, RSKGames!
I really do appreciate how much the game is being loved, by those who manage to play beyond the "Two Jump Buttons?!!" point

If you've any additional tile-suggestions, be sure to let me know. There's still a few empty spaces in the editor's menu!

You can Download JNKPlat 2018 here, or at GameJolt or on
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