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iOS Day
29th June 2011  
Today I did a bucket of iOS dev, but not the think I'd been doing previously.
As with a whole lot of other iOS half finished games, it seems that Microbes (MLG) will be stuck in it's special little rut until I can fathom some sort of difficulty level system that actually tries to kill the player, rather than kinda bob about a bit.


I spent the day working on a sort of remake of Get the Greens, from Monday!
Gameplay wise, it's damn near identical, but I've been trying to add a little something "luvly" into the mix.
It's sort of working, but.. nothing's hit the mark, just yet.

Hopefully this one won't end up similarly stuck at a point, too!

I haven't really done anything else, today, to be honest.
.. Long boring day doing iDev.
Nothing special!

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