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18th November 2018
Having issues with the browser's Pinch-Zoom. Going to have to code me own.[/highlight]
Since the web-app has its own GUI along the top of the screen, I can't rely on the OS's pinch-to-zoom like I was hoping to.


Instead, I've had to code my own pinch-to-zoom functionality in the new Foldapuz Play-in-your-browser site.
It's been quite a struggle, as the maths are all over the bloomin' place.
Right now, the thing seems to more or less zoom in, in a way that's workable, but zooming back out is chaotic at the best of times!
The page will fling off in random directions, and doesn't seem to want to center back where you expect it to.

Zooming has certainly been a bugbear of mine over the past number of years, with any and all ingame camera trickery being mostly avoided, lest I mess it up.
It's a skill that I haven't yet quite grasped, but the past couple of days have taught me a couple of new tricks that I can hopefully reuse in the future.

In the meantime, I'll struggle on, and try my best to make things unzoom a little less erratically!
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