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24th November 2018
Background work, mostly on the URLs for the game.
More work on Foldapuz, yesterday, as I did a whole lot more minor tweaks.


At one point, I had the URL change as you switched between various puzzles, and although that worked great, it also had an adverse effect on the "Add to Homescreen" button on iOS.

When you Add to Homescreen, it saves the current URL from the browser.
If you then launch the homescreen version, change the puzzle selection from there, close the app, then relaunch it, it would no longer load the correct "Last Puzzle Played" because it would constantly get the puzzle from the previously saved URL.

I couldn't think of an easy way around that, so have stripped out that functionality for the meantime. I'll probably have to add one of those "Share This Puzzle" icons, or something like that. But ... Damn, that GUI's getting cluttered!!


At midnight, the puzzles respawned as they always do, and this is in among the default puzzle page.

The solution being.... A single straight line, going directly down the page.

Oh, come on! At least TRY to make half-decent puzzles!!
Silly Foldapuz!

So, today, I'll be redoing the functionality that creates a maze. If it turns out well, I may also look into redoing the main "Find a Path" maze type, too, but .. We'll have to see how it goes, first!
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