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Minor Progress
  6th January, 2019
There's still no baddies in the game yet, but shooting barrels is at least functional.


Boy, it's been a long hard slog. The game should be practically done by now, but barely anything's functional.
Today I need to get the alt-weapons working. Grenades, Mines, Missiles and things like that.
I should then be able to add some new enemies, and I'm considering other types of obstacles, too, but those will have to wait until at least the thing is moving at a decent speed.

Right now, the game feels incredibly slow. The game is currently all about slowly shooting barrels 6 or 7 times each until they explode. That's not very exciting, but with a bit of luck, things should spring back into life once I add the alt-weapons and baddies and things.

I also need to decide on what the "End Goal" of a level should be.
Do I stick to the "Collect the three disks" gameplay of the original, or do I aim for something different?
As much as this game is a sequel, it's already got its own feel, so maybe the original "End Goal" won't fit?


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