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  8th January, 2019
Weapons are now functioning much better.


Baddies can be shot, and you can switch between the various weapon types.
Today I need to add the icons for the weapons, hoping they make some kind of sense, then add pickups and an inventory and such, as well as determining a good set of scores for the game. (Currently you get 50 points for killing a baddie, and that's it!!)

After that, more enemy types and then figuring out what the End Goal is.

I also spent a bit of time, yesterday, fixing up the maze layout so it no longer has those random empty rooms lying around.
Things are definitely feeling more complete, but there's more to do.

With any luck, I should be done by the end of this week.
*fingers crossed*

... Oh, and I've not tested it on 3DS, yet. ..eek!

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