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Slow and Steady
  10th January, 2019
The game's really starting to come together, now.


Although it's a much slower pace than I'd regularly do. I realised, yesterday, that the original Futrino was created during my 2015 "Gap Year", so would've actually taken about a month to code.
Given this one's taken about 2 weeks, that's a fair improvement. But it's not exactly AGameAWeek, is it?!

Today I need to add the alt-weapons in properly. Currently there's 4 basic weapons, but they all feel kind of the same.
I'll need to come up with much more distinctive weapons, each of which should have it's own particular purpose. The cluster for clearing barrels, a mine for targeting enemies, and that kind of thing.
They also need decent icons, too, so you can tell what on earth they're supposed to be.

Once they're in place, a little more sprinkling of gameplay elements and the game should be more or less ready to go.

.. Although I've still not tested it on 3DS, yet. Oh boy!!

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