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Futrinos Game
13th January 2019
Shoot the Barrels. Save the World.
Blast your way through the maze to gather up all three disks, then taken them back to your hub.
Fly around the maze in your bubble-bot vehicle, blasting away enemy craft, and destroying the barrels in search of the three floppy disks which can be taken back to your hub to save each level.
Your primary weapon is a simple little lazer, but you also have a selection of 4 other weapons that you can gather up ammo for, along the way.

Use your secondary weapons sparingly as you explore, and beware of all the baddies.
Keep enough distance between you and the barrels that you aren't ambushed.
- Move
- Fire - - Alt Fire - - Switch Weapon
Language C++
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Otakupunk's LetsPlay of the game.

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Shoot-em-up , Cybernoid
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