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3rd September 2018
The Start of a new Project[/highlight]
Over on my site, we have a daily poll, and each day it gives you something to vote on, then the next day you get points based on whether you voted for the winning item on the poll.
It's been there for many many years, now, and I'm starting to get a little sick of the sight of the bloomin' thing, but what could I possibly replace it with?
The current leading idea is a doodle box, where the players are given a start point and a few colours, and the best art wins. But that then requires a second day of voting, and everything starts to get a little bit slower.
There's nothing that's sprung to mind that works as immediately as a daily poll does.

But I have had a lot of other little puzzle ideas over the time I've been thinking about this.
Each of the puzzles seems logically playable, but none lend themselves well to being something you can score, like you score the votes of a poll. You could also, quite easily, cheat at a lot of these kinds of puzzles.

For years, these little logic puzzles have bubbled around in my head, and normally I'd end up making AGameAWeek about each idea, but a lot of the ideas don't really work well on computer at all.
Some need keyboard or mouse input, and yet a lot of my framework relies on the player only having a gamepad in hand. Or I write them so they work perfectly with a gamepad, and the player's playing on a touchscreen.
There are many many issues with converting some of these ideas into videogames.

Over the past month or so, more and more of these "it only works on paper" ideas have been filling my mind, and this is me trying to put them somewhere functional.
It might not be the world's best set of puzzles, and I'm sure you'll find better puzzles where someone's had the time to actually "compile" them, and set their difficulty levels.

This is simply what happens when a gamedev can't think of anywhere else to output these sorts of ideas!

I hope you enjoy the games.

And, maybe some day, I'll actually replace that poll!
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