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  8th February, 2019
Wednesday was my Mum's 60th birthday, so she spent a couple of days over with my Sister.
She arrived back, yesterday, and as a surprise I decided to attempt to bake her a cake!!


The cake was simple enough. I bought one of those Betty Crocker cake mixes, which requires two simple steps.
1. Mix
2. Shove it in the oven.

Even for me, with all my crazy motion/balance issues, that seemed like a relatively simple concept, and in many ways it was.
Mix - Easy.
Shove in Oven - Easy.

.. But preparation.. Eeek!
Spinning around the kitchen between all the different places. Fridge one side, round to the worktop, preheat the oven behind you, spin around to get the eggs, attempt to mix, get out the electric mixer..

Even when doing most of it whilst seated, all those little bits soon added up, and the swooshing in my head was almost unbearable, and yet I struggled on, got the cake in the oven, and relaxed...

.. And then had to clean up all the mess, which was WAY more effort than I expected!
Cleaning cake batter from a bowl is not a simple chore, when your legs are already wobbling!!


The end result was delicious!

And then, last night, I slept..
I slept like I hadn't slept in days!!

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