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Strings is Working
21st February 2019  
Added the word game "Strings" with a couple of playable modes.
Strings is more or less functional, although it's missing different playmodes, and the scores aren't kept, but otherwise it's working!


A 2 minute mode and a 5 minute mode will most likely be added to the game, as those seem to be most interesting.
I'm not quite sure how to do a Win/Lose scenario for those, though.
Maybe play the game myself and set a high enough total that a player needs to beat in order to score a "Win".

I could also do with making the mode-select buttons a little more button-like. It's not 100% obvious that those are buttons, and then switch that [back] text based button into something that looks a bit more button-like, too.

I think we're pretty much good for a launch, now.
It could still do with a titlecard. Currently the thing has no onscreen name, anywhere, so that definitely needs fixed.
But other than that, it's just a case of building the collection up, game by game, and seeing how far I can get.

... I think..!

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