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Tweaking the Box
28th February 2019  
Added a mute button. Now you can play in silence!
I did a few tweaks to the framework, yesterday.

There's now a mute button in the pause/escape menu, which works.. (For a few hours, it was there, but did absolutely nothing!!)


I could probably do with adding the mute button to a proper Options screen, but for now I don't have any other options to add to it, so.. um.. nope!

Other than that, I attempted to neaten up the pause/escape menu a little by using the circular button that I use elsewhere, but without the ability to recolour that button, it didn't make for a very good menu.

Since I'm using "barebones Javascript", I'm losing a lot of functionality, like sprite recolouring and things like that. The circular button is blue, but if I want a "Quit" button then it needs to be red, and although there's a few slots left in the "Strings" spritesheet, I'd rather use those for other things.

The alternative option would be to create a new spritesheet for buttons and icons and other GUI bits and pieces, but .. Everything else is doing ok without that, so..
.. Only if desperate!!

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