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What IS it called?
  5th March, 2019
Added a game that I remembered from my childhood, but can't remember the name of it. I've opted to call it "Trails".
I added another Solitaire game to the Shoebox, last night, but it was entirely from memory, and my memory's starting to fade!!


You unveil cards one at a time, and have to pile the piles atop one another. Piles can jump either onto the pile to its left, or jump over that onto the pile one-over.

Piles match when either the top card's numbers match, or their suit.
Your job is to end up with one single pile on the left, and no cards remaining in the draw deck.

A simple enough game (although, quite difficult!) that I grew up playing a lot of after a friend showed it to me. But other than that, I've no idea what it was actually called, or what the "real" rules of the game are.

I gave up trying to Google the thing after just a few minutes, as it's hard to google for "Solitaire game where you pile all the cards into a pile" without a bazillion other Solitaire games popping up.

If you DO know what this game's actually called, and the exact ruleset that I should aim for, do be sure to let me know.

In the meantime, then, I've titled it "Trail", because you have to clean up the trail of cards. .. It's a rubbish name, but the system can very easily handle renaming in the future!

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