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Particles In!!
9th March 2019  
Added a particle engine, so that things are a bit less drab.
And so, I spent most of the day working on Particles..


After deciding on keeping things as .png format, I used JNKsg to generate a set of particles, then plonked them into the engine.
There are particles for most games, but I could also do with a special "game over" burst or something.. hmmm..

You can enable/disable the simplistic particles in the usual option menu. They "should" default to being switched on, but.. ... might not!!

Meanwhile, the little options menu is now up to three whole options, so I might need to expand that to a proper menu system.

On the other side of things, Foldapuz apparently didn't like being left out, as it's (completely randomly!) decided that today's wordsearch should be the word "Particles"..
I actually LOLd when I noticed that!

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