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Doctor Day - Part Two
  15th March, 2019
The trip to the Diabetes Doc went pretty smoothly.


We got a taxi there and back, so not much in the way of walking. 1193 steps in total for the entire trip.

Sat in the waiting room for only about 5 minutes, at which point the nurse then plopped some eyedrops into my eyes.

We had to VERY GENTLY roll my head back for the eyedrops, as my head can't cope well with quick "head back" movements.. At this point we got to chatting all about my brain tumour and the issues I have as a result.

It took about 10 seconds for me to gently lower my head back far enough for the eyedrops to go in, and then there was another 10 minute wait for them to kick in.

The eyedrops are to dilate your pupils so that the camera can take a good shot of your retina. That was the next step, and the big bright flash was rather startling, but the resulting huge HD image of my retina was fascinating to see. You can see all the little veins in there, which "may cause issue if ruptured", but the Doc remarked that (at least from the quick glance) there didn't appear to be anything significant.

I asked to look at the pics of my right eye, since I have a fairly significant blind spot in there. Intrigued herself, we both studied the image for a few seconds, but .. Nothing stood out..
She suggested that there was nothing noteworthy to see in the photo, so the conclusion there is that whatever's causing the blind spot is probably brain related, not an issue with my eye.
.. Oh goody..

Anyhoo, the pics are being sent off to be studied, and I'll hear back in a few weeks.. So.. Um..


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