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Rest Period
  17th March, 2019
After the sheer failure of yesterday's audio-tweaks, my mind seemed to completely give up in frustration.


Over the following hours, it seemed to keep returning to the audio issue, and trying to figure out alternative ways to work.

I considered writing a dynamic "time-position" script, to scale the positions based on the current pitch, but couldn't think of a good way to decide exactly how to determine which browsers needed such a thing, and whether future tweaks to those browsers would "fix" the problem one way, or the other.

I also considered switching off the pitch entirely so that everything would be easier to cope with, but then everything starts to sound a little repetitive.

Instead, then, I opted to just leave things well alone.

I'm not sure what my plan for today is going to be. My mind is still jumping back to the audio thing, and it's really not doing me any favours.
My head hates when it can't manage to do something that it knows "could" be done, if only for the frustrations of browser incompatibilities!!

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