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Dice Rolls (and/or "Yahtzee Clone")
  19th March, 2019
Added Dice Rolls, a fairly obvious Yahtzee rip-off.

Made a Yahtzee Clone, today.
To keep things as legal as possible, the scoring is marginally different, so be sure to read through the rules to get to grips with the exact sets of dice that you can get points for.

You can play Shoebox of Games here. "Dice Rolls" can be found in the new "Misc" section, where I've shifted Leapfrog to, so be aware of that.
In my head, Misc = "Can be played in reality" whereas Extra = "Probably a little bit too videogamey to count as a proper ShoeBox game!"

As always, if there are any bugs, be sure to let me know.

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