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31st March 2019
Thoughts on SVG and other scalable formats[/highlight]
Alan posted to the Board Thoughts topic, about the grainy pixelly nature of the scaled up board..


SVG, maybe?


I, so far, have yet to find a vector-art, SVG-outputting tool that I'm comfortable with.
As much as I can "work" the iOS app "Concepts", it doesn't have a lot of the features that would be needed for me to properly use it full time.
There's also the app "Adobe Illustrator Draw" that I have on iPad, which is MUCH more workable for me, but without forking out an insane amount to Adobe, I'm stuck with "draw big picture, take screenshot, end of.." results, so .. big pixelart, but pixelart still the same.

In addition, things like the snakes aren't even drawn by hand, and are instead plotted pixel by pixel using a bit of BlitzMax code. (Although, I probably should've written a JNKsg script, instead.. hmmm..)

As such, I'm still pretty much stuck to the realm of classic pixels, and those tend not to convert over to SVG very well.

One day, I'll probably start to do SVG and other vectory things, but.
.. Not yet!!
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