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Future Cards
  1st April, 2019
Future plans for Card based elements
Alan asks..
Did you ever read up on Nandeck? even if you don't use it, it might inspire you on your own ideas as far as bulk generating cards and such.

This would be for generating things like "Monopoly Knock-off" Property cards, "Top Trumps Knock-off" score based cards, "HeroQuest Knock-off" Inventory cards, and things like that.

Don't worry.. No inspiration is necessary.


The "Card" engine is already in the works, and I'm currently making a list of all the different types of cards that might be required, and all the different visual styles that I may end up having to cope with..

Using the magic of Time Travel, you'll notice that I've already been here before!!

1. Different card styles
2. Spritesheet to hold images
3. Database to hold card contents
and 4. Coding the games that require them!

The hardest part will probably be trying to design a nice reusable card layout that doesn't look bloomin' awful!

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