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Closer to the Party Goal..
3rd April 2019  
As I sit and play the new "Party Mode" (Is that really the name for this?!) I'm starting to realise that there are still huge missing features in the ... feature!


I still haven't added in any kind of "Next Player" display or anything like that. At the minute the game quickly hops to the next player, does their thing, and moves on.
I need to allow for a moment, where you can hand over the iPad (and/or other devices) between players.

I'm also going to have to plan for "hiding", too. So that if you're playing something like Scrabble, your opponent won't see your tiles, even between moves. Rather than just having "Player XYZ" pasted on the screen, I'd need to blank out the important features so that the current player doesn't see the next player's tiles, and the next player also doesn't see the previous player's, either.

But, at the same time, if you just want a quick game against a few AI opponents, it's going to be important to be able to switch off that functionality, so that you can just sit and enjoy the game without interruptions.

.. Meanwhile..
I also haven't give AL any hats..

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New games every week!
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