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RSKGames Suggests
  4th April, 2019
RSKGames chips in with a few suggested game ideas, fit for the Box.


Ludo board game.

Brings back memories of Nintendo DS game "Clubhouse Games"
.. Which, I really should dig out, because... Ripe for clones, that one!!
Anyhoo, in that, you had to play a game 3 or 4 times before it would unlock the next game in the collection, and if (like me) you were really impatient, the quickest way to do that would be to purposely lose 3 or 4 times.

Have you ever tried to lose at Ludo?
I suggest you try, because Maaaaaaaaan, is it a hard game to quickly finish.
Even when TRYING to fail, each game ended up taking about half an hour.
I quickly grew to HATE that game, with a passion!

.. I should probably add it, though.


I've always known this a Othello. I think Othello might be a brandname, though. I'll have to look into that.

But, yeah, that's definitely one of the intended games already. I do like that game, although I imagine the AI might be a bit of a challenge!


How do you do Minesweeper well, on a touchscreen, without access to the rightclick?
Answers on a postcard.

Following games from AGAW

A while ago, I flicked through all the AGAW catalogue, jotting down game ideas for Foldapuz. I'm probably going to have to do that again, but for Shoebox!

The Link Janitor

That would end up being a more standard "draw the lines" thing, rather than a "proper" Link Janitor game. IMO, the added player made things more complex, but I'm not really sure if that works with just a touchscreen. Instead, I (as a player) would expect to be able to just draw the paths, not also have to move the Janitor around the board.

But, yeah, it's a decent enough game concept.

Another idea, though, is the Nintendo DS (another nicked DS game idea) game Polarium. I'm not sure how many folk remember that game, but it was a really great idea for a touchscreen puzzler.
Draw a single line to "complete" the colour of each row.

Poke 5,n

I thought about this when making the LeapFrog game (and indeed, this is why the easy mode has 5 moves!)
Each of the little gameplay modes feels like it could be made into it's own little game. "Slide Puzzle", "Shift Puzzle", "Toggle Puzzle", "Light Out Puzzle that everyone hates"
But, at the same time, some of those have much more interesting playability elements than the others, and indeed you could even have nice complex "loads of moves" puzzles to complete, too.

I'm fairly sure that those would be a little more popular. In the original 5,n, I enjoyed it up until those stupid "Light Out" puzzles popped up, and those always broke the flow of the game for me.


Note : Apologies that today's intended game isn't yet ready to go. To be honest, it's barely started. Family events intervened in today's schedule.

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