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I Can't Stand Ludo..
  11th April, 2019
Extra work on sprites and grids for future board games.

On the trail for the "Next Boardgame" candidate, I've opted for the one board game I have an absolute hatred of. (Just to get the thing out of the way!)


The game isn't done yet.

I only properly started work on it a few hours ago. Most of the day's code session was spent adding little tweaks to the board-game drawing function so that it could account for those little gaps in between the sprites on the spritesheet..
It's ok saying to the sprite engine "These sprites have gaps around them", but those gaps were then leaking into the drawing routine, and the whole grid ended up with 2-pixel spaces everywhere.
Can't have that!!

Everything's now a teensy bit more optimised, and should hopefully cope a little better with future spritesheets.

I also spent some time designing a few sets of those spritesheets, with pretty generic looking tiles. Blank squares, checkered squares, and a set of little arrows. I'm hoping that, as time passes, the one single spritesheet will end up being reusable in oodles of places.
.. But that, of course, depends on what games I end up making.

Anyway, Ludo's half done. The board layout seemed to take bloomin' ages to get right, but now that it's done, all that's left is to add the gameplay.
That should hopefully be a fairly quick job, so you can look forward to hating this game, maybe some time tomorrow.

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