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Slowly But Surely
  13th April, 2019
After yesterday's break, I'm back to getting Ludo up and running, and .. Boy is it complicated!!


But it's starting to fall into place, now. The pieces are moving via the proper logic of the board, in that each player has their own path, and follows them correctly.

I've also had to rewrite a chunk of the "Pick up object" code to allow for more than one piece per player. Previously, I'd relied on the sprite value, along with X and Y location, to decide which object the player has in their hand.
With Ludo, however, not only are there 4 copies of the sprite, but the pieces can also stand in the same place, meaning you'd be picking up ALL the pieces from the board, if they're in the same square, not just one of them!

The game now "works" to the point where you can roll the dice, move the piece, and eventually reach the end. But there's currently no blocking, and AL isn't doing much of anything. (I need to manually play for AL)

Next I need to teach AL how to play the game, and see if I can get a few interesting tactics into its gameplay technique.

Nearly there..!!!

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