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Flu Riddled
  14th April, 2019
As much as I've been struggling on with a flu, for the past few days, yesterday completely floored me.


Spent much of the day curled up in bed, sniffling and blowing my nose, in the way that any man will happily play-dead with such symptoms.
I managed to get a little of Ludo working, but realistically my head wasn't in a good place for figuring out all the co-ordinates and the like.

At least I managed to pull off some rotational maths to get the other three player's board layout working, without needing to hardcode every single square on the grid!
.. I only had to hardcode one of the players, then used simple maths to rotate the layout..

If my mind was more fit and alert, I'm sure I could also have managed to find a way to get the first player's path, programmatically. But my mind wasn't quite awake enough for that, so instead I sat and counted grid references, and plotted the numbers by hand.
For those interested, there are 57 squares that you can land on in Ludo.

Today I need to get the AI to work, and that should (hopefully) be a little easier on the mind.
Should be ready to go, later today, but I'll probably hold it back for a bit to double check my flu-riddled coding, which usually brings obscure bugs along with it!

(.. like.. Why did I think it was a good idea to assign x and y values, above, when I could've just plonked the values inside the function..!?)

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